In 2013, the Committee, raised over $ 6,500 towards increasing the ice time usage at the Arena.  We donated $ 4,719 to the Onaping Falls Minor Hockey Association for extra ice time given to our Onaping Falls Huskies' hockey teams.

In June 2014, the City of Greater Sudbury accepted the new 2014 Parks, Open Space and Leisure Master Plan. This Plan is calling for a reduction in ice pads for the City of Greater Sudbury.  Currently, there are 16 ice pads.  The Leisure Master Plan is recommending only 15 ice pads.  As the Chelmsford Arena is being completely renovated, our Arena will be vulnerable for closure again after the 2014-2015 ice season.

Therefore, the OFRC will continue to work together with the Onaping Falls Minor Hockey League to keep our local arena alive and open to all of our residents!  Go Huskies Go!

The OFRC offers a power skating school in September and offers FREE skate time during

December, January, February and March.

Onaping Falls Recreation Committee Inc.

​"Believing in Community"

Original sketch by A.Y. Jackson

Onaping Splash Pad

UPDATE - August 2018

The Splash Pad was completed in late June 2018.

Our next project is to build a shade pavilion beside the Splash Pad for all to use.

We currently have an application submitted to the City of Greater Sudbury HCI Capital Fund for Ward 3 and are awaiting City Council approval for the Capital Grant.  

Stay tuned....

A.Y. Jackson Lookout

UPDATE - March 2019

We are currently working in partnership with the City of Greater Sudbury Tourism, Leisure Services and Parks departments to re-open the A.Y. Jackson Lookout facilities.  

​Our objective is to coordinate alongside promotion created by Rainbow Routes, Algoma Tourism and Discover Ontario and make the A.Y. Jackson Lookout a well known stop on bus tours and family car trips.

The Group of Seven is being promoted heavily through many outlets and with our location, the A.Y. Jackson Lookout being one of them, it is necessary that we create a worthwhile stopover.

The A.Y. Jackson Lookout, aka High Falls, is a wonderful and unique experience for all that visit. However in recent years it has been neglected by the Greater City of Sudbury.   It is our goal to offer guidance and create an adventure to all who stop to visit.