N.E.O.R.A. Award

In September 2019, the Onaping Falls Recreation Committee received an award from the (N.E.O.R.A.) Northeastern Ontario Recreation Association "in recognition of our outstanding innovation that increases opportunity for participation in Sport, Recreation and Healthy Active Living" in the Onaping Falls area.

O.F.R.C. Chair, Carrie Morin graciously accepts the award from N.E.O.R.A. President Amanda Nadeau.​

Thank you to Dana Jennings from Sudbury Tourism for the nomination! 


is an incorporated, not-for-profit group of residents who believe in community.

Our main goal is to raise funds through unique events and activities to see our recreational facilities thrive and our residents stay active and engaged in our hometown. We especially place high value on our youth and seniors. We strive to provide them with the necessary tools to remain happy, health and involved in our community.

Board of Directors:

Carrie Morin, Chair

Dolly Gordon

Amanda Linton

Regan Picotte

​Amanda Holmes

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Onaping Falls Recreation Committee
Email us  ofrecreationcommittee@gmail.com