A.Y. Jackson Lookout 2021

Onaping Falls Recreation Committee

A.Y. Jackson Lookout

A.Y. Jackson Lookout 2019

A.Y. Jackson Lookout 2020

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In 2019, we approached the City of Greater Sudbury Tourism department to partner with us to re-open the A.Y. Jackson Lookout facilities for the summer months.  

This will be our fourth summer opening the Lookout to visitors near and far.
Our objective is to coordinate alongside promotion created by Rainbow Routes, Algoma Tourism and Discover Ontario to make the A.Y. Jackson Lookout a well known tourist stop for Onaping Falls.

The A.Y. Jackson Lookout, aka High Falls, is a wonderful and unique experience for all. The Group of Seven heavily promoted through many outlets and with our A.Y. Jackson Lookout being one of them, it is necessary that we create a worthwhile destination.

We have been proud to be the recipients of the Canada Summer Jobs program through the Government of Canada for the past three years.   With this grant, we hire four to five summer students to act as ambassadors to Onaping Falls.  Our Tourist Liaisons greet visitors and record their visit and origin.  OFRC also provides a weekly, free community activity at the Lookout for all with the Liaison's help.